The Jeff Milton – Jack Greenway connection

By Gary Dillard

One of the things I like about giving tours of Bisbee for Lavender Jeep Tours is that I’m constantly learning more about the town. Just as when I dig into old newspapers and other historical sources.

Jeff Milton
A young Jeff Milton

During the Greater Bisbee tour and the Mining Landscape tour, I drive visitors down Cole Avenue, past Greenway School and the Greenway House and talk a bit about Jack and Isabella Greenway. I know quite a bit about Jack, the engineer and manager of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Co. interests, but I did not know that he was a good friend of famous lawman Jeff Milton. Tonight I was poring over old newspapers searching for information about Willis Woods, an escapee from the Tombstone jail and a “general bad man.”

More bad men

I found linked to him another bad man named Colney Musgrave, more of a wannabe bad man, but brother of George Musgrave, one-time member of the Black Jack Ketchum gang, which from the late 1890s till about 1910 plundered at will in New Mexico and Arizona, as well as some in Texas and elsewhere. Continue reading “The Jeff Milton – Jack Greenway connection”