The Mile-High City Tour

Rainy day view from Bisbee to Warren
A rainy day in Bisbee, looking from High Road out over Lowell, Bakerville and Warren.

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Since we’ve had folks wanting the see the whole shebang, so we put the Historic Bisbee Tour and the Greater Bisbee Tour together, creating The Mile-High City Tour.

It never fails that visitors who take the Historic Bisbee Tour get up on High Road and see the shiny towns off in the distance, including Warren and Lowell, and get fascinated with their stories as well. And why shouldn’t they?

Warren includes many of our mansions, as well as the baseball park where all the greats played way back when, and Lowell is undergoing a revitalization of sorts that plays well with the historic nature of the entire community.

Babe Ruth
You probably recognize Babe Ruth, who was one of hundreds of great ball players who visited Warren Ball Park in the golden age of baseball.

And then there’s Bakerville, which consists mostly of houses that were moved from Upper Lowell when the Lavender Pit (which we also stop and discuss) was created in the early 1950s.

And Tovreaville, which was once the location of our “pest house,” a place way, way out of town where folks with highly contagious diseases were sent to recover — or not.

This tour takes more than 2 hours to complete, so be prepared to learn about the development of the fabulous urban center from the earliest days to the heydays and beyond.