Sheriff Joanna Brady / J.A. Jance Tour

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Mystery novelist J.A. Jance, who was raised in Bisbee, has taken the world by storm with her New York Times-bestselling works.J. A. Jance

Of particular interest to us, of course, are the 17 books about Joanna Brady, the Sheriff of Cochise County. Since Jance grew up here, she know what she’s writing about when she describes Bisbee and Cochise County.

Desert Heat by J.A. JanceThis tour shows not only the obvious and disguised Bisbee-area settings for the novels, but also some of the author’s own heritage. You’ll see everything from “Daisy’s” restaurant to the Cochise County Jail to the setting for Brady’s “ranch” to Jance’s former home and schools.

Participants in this tour say they appreciate most of all getting to know the “lay of the land” around Bisbee so they can better visualize the settings in the Joanna Brady books.

The various parts of the Bisbee area are different from most communities, especially the ways in which they were built into the hills and canyons of the region, that without this first-hand experience, readers might miss out of part of the back story in the novels.