Getting a little artsy at sunset

Lavender Jeep on Juniper FlatsWent up on top of the mountain last evening on our Sunset Tour. It was in the low 90s downtown; somewhere in the 70s up top. And — as always — gorgeous.

Tried to get an “artsy” photo of the Jeep as the sun was going down. Came out okay, but wish I had the flexibility of a camera-camera in my phone-camera. Probably an app for that, so I’ll have to find one and get some experience.

Darn! That means a lot more trips up the mountain to practice. If you want to get away from Bisbee’s relatively mild summer, and see some great views, give us a call. Would love the opportunity to show you a different part of the Bisbee area! And practice my photography.


Seeing the rainbow from above

Looking down on rainbow from Juniper FlatsLooking down on a rainbow isn’t a common occurrence, but it was the view today from Juniper Flats, as rain danced all around the Mules.

God gave Noah the rainbow, we are told, as a covenant that He never again would destroy the earth by floods.

Today what I wondered was this: When he got that message, was Noah still atop Mt. Ararat, looking down on the rainbow, as we were today? Perhaps a rainbow is a rainbow, but a change in perspective certainly can encourage one to ponder new ideas.

The Sky Island Tour up Juniper Flats is like that. It continually offers to me news visions of the world. It’s a great retreat from computers, crowds, even the desert. Give me a call when you’re ready to take that trip.