Enjoy a Jeep Tour when you come for the Bisbee 1000

Bisbee 1000 mural
This mural by Judy Perry introduces stairway No 7, a mere 96 steps.

The Bisbee 1000 is coming soon and we hope you’ll plan an extra day in your schedule to enjoy one of our Lavender Jeep Tours, where we’ll do all the climbing for you!

If you don’t know about it, the Bisbee 1000 is a 5-kilometer run — with 1,000 of our stairs interspersed along the route! This year (2015), it’s held on Saturday, Oct. 17. (It’s always the third weekend in October. That’s the same weekend as Tombstone’s Helldorado Days, a three-day event, so if you’re driving all the way down from the Valley of the Sun, you can make it a twofer. But make your lodging reservations now to ensure a spot; here are links.)

It’s been an annual event since 1991, when it drew some 200 participants. Now it has to be limited to about 2,000 runners, because our town isn’t as big as Boston, so you need to make your decision to participate and register soon. Continue reading “Enjoy a Jeep Tour when you come for the Bisbee 1000”