Where’s a good place to eat?

Fortunately, Bisbee has lots of choices, and each guide will have his own recommendations, depending on what your preferences are and what’s open that particular day. But if you want to plan ahead, check this out.

What else is there to do in Bisbee?

You might ask this question of your Lavender Jeep Tours guide, but if you are planning ahead, we suggest you visit the Bisbee Visitor Center website for some ideas.

Which tour should we take?

If you haven’t been on a Lavender Jeep Tour before, we suggest the Historic Bisbee Tour, which offers a great overview — both literally and educationally — of our community.

Do you allow dogs on your tours?

Well behaved pets are welcome. In deciding to bring them along, just remember there may be other people on the tour as well. Please let  us know when you book that you’ll be bringing a dog along. No cats, please!

Do you pick up and deliver?

We try to accommodate our customers’ needs, so yes, we can pick you up at your Old Bisbee lodging. But please give us some notice. Or we can pick you up from or deliver you to the Queen Mine Tour / Visitor Center, if your schedule is tight.

Where do we board the Lavender Jeep?

Our office is at the Copper Queen Hotel and that’s our point of departure. The Mediterranean-architecture etablishment is easy to spot as soon as you enter downtown Bisbee. (Don’t even try to use GPS; it will drive you crazy in Bisbee!) There is not much parking near the Hotel, so park downtown and walk a few hundred feet. Or better yet, just spend the night.