Historic Bisbee Tour

The Lavender Jeep will take you to places in Historic Bisbee that you never would have known existed. More »

Historic Bisbee Tour

Higgins Hill hosts some of the most beautiful buildings, and art, in Bisbee. Learn how this came about. More »

Greater Bisbee Tour

When the Warren area of Bisbee was created at the start of the 20th century, it hosted some of the most beautiful mansions in Arizona. More »

Mile High Tour

Evergreen Cemetery is one of the largest in the state, with monuments that tell a stately history. More »

Mining Landscape Tour

The Lavender Pit serves as a hub for the various sections of Bisbee, and was an important resource of copper and fabulous turquoise. More »

Sky Island/Sunset Tour

Everyone knows Arizona sunsets are beautiful, so why not experience one from the top of the Sky Island that hosts Bisbee? But the view is great any time of the day. More »

Bisbee 1000

The Bisbee 1000 stairclimb is coming soon and it is time to get registered and book your lodging and your Jeep Tour. It\'s the 25th anniversary run! More »


It’s warm inside our Jeeps!

It's warm in the winter inside our Lavender JeepsNo matter what the weather seems like on the outside (as I wrote this, Dec 29, 2015, it was 35 degrees with snow flurries), it’s warm on the inside!

During the winter months, we wrap the open tour jeeps with a clear, thick plastic sheet, which keeps out the weather, but allows complete viewing of the great scenery of Bisbee. Doesn’t interfere with photography, either.

Jeep is known for its great heaters, since the vehicles are driven everywhere in the world, in the worst of weather. So the big, open cabin is quickly heated up. You will still want to dress warm, however, so you can pop out from time to time to get a better view of awesome Bisbee sites.

So don’t let inclement weather deter you from taking a Lavender Jeep Tour. The photo below shows the complete wrapping.

Jeep totally wrapped